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   This is a stool which can be divided into two stools. In urgent situations such as a home party, when there are not enough seats for your friends, or when a pub or bar gets overcrowded during the weekend, we can actually share the stool with someone, which could bring people closer together rather than narrowly sitting on one stool. It comes in pairs, a male stool and female stool merging into one stool. 

   Two different holes on the seating allow us to carry them together easily, the circular hole is for the thumb and oval hole is for the other four fingers. This also makes it easier to distinguish which stool goes with which.

  In the initial stage of development, this project was simply about designing an absolute space-saving stool, in terms of allowing us to sit on them  even when they are stacked, unlike other stackable high stools. 

   However, my thought has shifted to a more human point of view, "stacking" to "sharing".  I aimed to design this in a thoughtful and considerate manner, to how we lead our actual lives and what is suitable whithin the real environment we live in.  

Stool for Two


solid oak wood

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