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  This is a series of furniture which fits into the corner allowing us to use the seemingly useless space without drilling holes into the walls or taking up floor space. The series consists of a lamp, a shelf, and a coat hanger. It has triangular structure leant against the corner to stand.  Each piece is constructed of two parts, the structural parts(joint + legs) which are used in every item of this series, and functional part such as a lamp, which I designed as detachable part enabling us to knock them down for compact packaging.  

   The idea is based on my experience of living in London. I am living in a flat shared with 3 other people, my room is not big enough to store all my things, and so floor space is getting smaller and smaller. Also, we can not drill holes into the wall to attach fixtures for shelves or lamps since we are temporary tenants. I aimed to find a solution for this situation with this project.

KADO Series  _______


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