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    People sometimes liken a candle to a human life, which is like, every single person has one’s own candle and when someone's candle is flickered out, it means his death.

  Since the sale of incandescent light bulbs has been limited recently, the production of incandescent light bulbs will be stopped and thus, in near future, we will have only dead light bulbs in our lives. However, there are still a lot of people who love to use it, or even there might be still a lot of people who have never used it and never known its mood. I think that an incandescent light bulb is the first electrical product to have affective meanings to us in terms of its coulour, warmth, and of course its light.

    In this project, I aimed to breathe new life into a dead light bulb which is going to become extinct in not-too-distant future, so that people can cherish the incandescent light bulb. In order to give it to life again, I literally lighted a candle inside of the dead light bulb. By doing so, it looks almost same as the existing light bulb using electricity, although the light is quite weak. And it can last semipermanently as long as there is oxygen out there.

     This object is all made of wax. You light a candle and then screw a light bulb, which has holes both on the top and underneath, in a candle just like you do with a real light bulb. In addition, you can use various types of light bulbs.

Edison’s Exuviae


paraffin, dead light bulb

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