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    This product works as a stool when you use it alone, and also by using them side-by-side, they create a continuity in terms of the form and work as a bench in public spaces.

   One of the charms of benches, I think, is its beauty of consecutive shaped form. On the other hand, in public spaces, we are vividly aware of our own personal spaces. However, consecutive spaces on benches tend to make boundaries between individuals blurry.

    I designed this as one proposition of public furniture under the theme of 'Continuity' and 'Boundary', which seem to be contradictory.

    By apposing them in one row sideways, the charm of the shape shine out, increasing a sense of tension. The consecutive light form would create a rhythm in space.

While the silhouette is materialised continuously, it creates moderate distance between each seat.

Domino Stool


leather, rigid urethane foam, ply wood

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