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A high stool for a kitchen counter.

   A kitchen counter is an ambiguous space because it can be either a part of kitchen or a part of living room depending on whether we put stools or not. The space has to be flexible enough to change its purpose without being annoyed by furniture. I aimed to design a space-saving and easy-stackable high stool with this project.

   A kitchen counter is a casual space where we have a quick meal and refreshments, or just take a rest, and so on. In other words, a kitchen counter is not a place to subside into a chair for a long time. In that sense, the seating face can be much smaller than the normal one, just like we sit on the edge of a table.

  The idea is to divide one stool into three stools and then to stack them backward and forward so that the seating face is always even and thus we can still sit on them even when they are stacked, unlike most of the existing stools which are stacked upward. The size of seating face of this stool is about one third of the normal one, which means that even if you stack three of them, they only reach the size of a normal stool.




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